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Lab One : Introduction September 1, 2011

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Cyber Bullying is freedom of speech. The real thing we need to focus on is physical bullying, yes it is a tragedy that people take their lives from this, but just because a few girls are being bitches we shouldn’t make a crime out of it. Its really the same as verbal bullying which as far as I know isn’t illegal. Cyber Bullying should be ruled by morals rather than laws.

This argument is so bad because cyber bullying is not a freedom of
speech. By being a cyber-bully you are attacking another person and you don’t
know how the person being bullied is taking it. Even though physical bullying
should be focused on, so should cyber bullying and verbal bullying.  I can agree that verbal bullying is not
illegal but that’s because they are not as easy to catch as physical bullying.  Cyber bullying can be caught so why shouldn’t
it be made illegal, so that we can try to end cyber bullying before it gets
worse. In this person’s argument that mention that a few girls are cyber
bullying but that’s not the case. Although girls are more likely to be cyber
bullies and victims of cyber bullying, there are still a number of boys being
cyber bullied and being cyber bullies. Cyber bullying being ruled by morals and
not laws is just absurd because some parents do not teach their children right
from wrong. In fact, there are still parents who cyber bully themselves and
some parents even know that their child is cyber bullying and don’t see it as a
problem.   I believe that cyber bullying
should not be ruled by morals but by the law because by cyber bullying being a
criminal offense, then there may be fewer people  hurting their self because of it .


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