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Response to Turkle , Chapter 9 : Growing up Tethered September 6, 2011

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At the beginning of chapter 9 ,after asking the students at Cranston School , why they text while driving , and listening to their reasons, Turkle came up with the conclusion that  “Their reasons are not reasons; they simply express a need to connect.” When Turkle says that adolescents are growing up tethered , she means that adolescents are growing up always being connected to each other by technology like cellphones and the internet .

Throughout chapter 9 , Turkle argues about the implications of growing up this way . An implication of growing up this way is that adolescents feel as if they must always be available and that they except their friends to always be available .  When talking to people a common compliant that Turkle receives  is that  “Sometimes you don’t have time for your friends except if they’re online .” Another claim that Turkle makes is that Social Networking sites allow people to create a fake and different persona of their self . She also states that people do this so that they can be noticed by others and not stand out too much .

For me , I feel as if I always have to be connected to the internet and my phone . I feel this way because what if my parents try to contact me and I don’t answer and then they start to worry. Also , I feel like I always have to be available on Facebook , Twitter, etc .. ; so I can talk to my friends back home .

My profiles for social networking sites are  me , I don’t put something on if it isn’t me  . However, I know people who will put stuff on their profile  just so that they can fit in with everyone else . I also notice that some people tend to be more open on sites like Facebook , then they really are in person .

I agree with Turkle that growing up tethered adolescents feel as of they and also their friends should always be available and that social networking sites allow people to turn their self into someone who is completely different than their true self . In chapter 9 , I think Turkle misses the mark about intimacy requiring privacy because even though she talks about it a little ,she could have expanded on it more because  that is a big problem now a days.


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