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“An Analogy and an Ideal ” September 28, 2011

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In ” An Analogy and an Ideal ” , Sunstein brings up two main topics , which are , the public forum doctrine and the republican self government.

The public forum doctrine , according to Sunstein is that people have the freedom of speech in public places. However , this includes the government’s ability to make restrictions on the time , place , and manner of the speech in public places.  Sunstein talks about the three main goals that the public forum doctrine promotes . They are :

  1. “Speakers can have access to a wide array of people”. This means that in public places , there are all different types of people who will hear the arguments being made by the speaker and this perhaps may even change the person or listeners views on certain topics .
  2. “Speakers not only have general access to heterogeneous people , but also to specific people and specific institutions with whom they have a complaint. ” This means that there may be people at speeches who disagree or agree with what is being said by the speaker and intentionally getting the attention on the person or place the speech is about. Also , the listeners are limited in self insulation .
  3. “People generally will be exposed to a wide variety of people and views.” This means that there is a wide  range of experiences  and that people get exposed to many different views  .

Sunstein says the republican self government is , ” that the government is not managed by any king or queen; there is no sovereign operating independently of the people. ” This means that the people elect a person to be a representative of them and for them.

Sunstein argues that the risks involved to these two concepts with the use of technology is that it is decreasing the chances of encounters with diverse others ,that democracy and citizenship is being decreased and that people are taking advantage of the internet to do things quicker and to experience things they have never experienced before (although he does say that there is some good to this). He also argues that consumer sovereignty is becoming political sovereignty, he says that the discussion dominating the internet and other new technologies is whether consumers are getting what they want.

He thinks that  when you have encounters , if they are unplanned , unchosen or unwanted ; you should have that encounter because sometimes it can be life changing .




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