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Chapter Six: Blogs ; Blog Response October 5, 2011

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In this chapter Sunstein talks about how blogs enhance democracy . On page 139 , Sunstein talks about how blogs are starting to work well. The first way he says blogs are working well is that blogs are becoming like huge markets , this means that blogs are allowing people to get information from all different types of sources and in all different types of ways. The second way he says that blogs are working well is when he says that blogs are operating like a gigantic town meeting , which means that claims made by the people who are speaking on the operation of the public sphere that is working well. He then says , “On this second view , the world of blogs is helping to improve the operation of deliberative democracy , because it involves a great deal of citizen involvement and because arguments are often supported by facts and reasons.”

To support the first way in which blogs are starting to work well , he says that blogs are have a wide range of opinions and tastes. Sunstein says that blogosphere faces a big problem when it comes to group polarization. A serious question that Sunstein brings up is “whether people are mostly reading blogs that conform to their own preexisting beliefs”. If they are , he says that the truth is not going to be able to emerge and that group polarization is not possible. An example Sunstein uses is  “Liberals , reading liberal blogs , will end up being more liberal ; conservatives will become more conservative if they restrict themselves to conservative blogs”. This means that if people keep reading and talking about what they already believe they are going to become more informed about it and have more reasons to support why they believe in whatever they are talking or writing about. Another thing he says is that “it is also important that reasons and information are being exchanged in a way that can lead to corrections and real creativity”. This means that if something isn’t right then it is easily fixable and that sometimes people just put absurd things to draw the attention of others.

Sunstein supports the second way in which blogs are starting to work well when he talks about how discussing things allows room for growth in many different types of ways .With a deliberative democracy , discussion is always happening . When discussing things , if something is false then you are able to change it . Discussion also allows the combination of information and the range of arguments increases.


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