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Creative Stills October 13, 2011

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Photo One :

For the first photo , I used Montage Pro. The first thing I did was change the shape of my picture to an octagon . Next , I added a thin black frame around the photo and a blue shadow . The last thing that I did but you most likely can’t see is that I changed the background color to Alice Blue.

Photo Two :

I used Photoviva to edit the second photo . The first thing I did was sharpen the picture and  then I increased the midtones . The last thing that I did was use filled frame and adjusted the settings to make it halfway in between in and out and made it smooth. I changed the color of the filling to blue and then added light blue noise to it .

Photo Three :

For this third photo , I used Photoviva to edit it. The first thing I did was crop the photo a little bit . Then , I decreased the ghost edges and decreased the shadows in the photo. The last thing I did was change the color to white and used autopaint to make it look like it was snowing.

Photo Four :

I used Montage Pro to edit the fourth photo. First , I added a thin white frame and a bright green shadow around the photo. Then I turned the photo around to make it straight up and down . The very last thing that I did was change the background color to arsenic , so that you would be able to see the white frame and green shadow.


The two apps that I selected were Photoviva and Montage Pro. The best feature in Photoviva , I think is the autopaint . There are so many different colors and brushes that you can choose from to use and autopaint sometimes makes the pictures look really cool. The best feature in Montage Pro , I think is the ability to change the shape of the picture. You can choose any shape you want to , any number , any letter and you can even make your own shape by using free hand . In both of these apps , I like that there are so many different options to choose from to change the color of your picture. I personally would choose Photoviva over Montage Pro because Photoviva had more features and it was a lot simpler to use than Montage Pro was. When I first used Montage Pro , I couldn’t find where you go to in order to edit the pictures and with Photoviva , I had no trouble finding where to go in order to edit the photo.


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