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Lab 6 : Appeal to Emotion November 1, 2011

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Article :

This article is by the parents of Laura Wilcox , who was murdered on January 10,2001 . In this article they are talking about how they  don’t believe in the death penalty and  how they think the man who killed their daughter should be fully accountable. They say at the end that the death penalty is about revenge and retribution and that if the courts decide to use the death penalty for anyone it should be because it either deterred crime and saved lives or the result of the death penalty was a reduction in state costs. They said that the expressions from their community were a lot about how the murderer should get what he deserves and these did not make them feel better about the death of their daughter.  A statement they made was that If closure means healing , that healing must come from within , not from the fate of the murder . After reading the article , I think what they mean by this is that the victim’s families should focus on grieving about their loss and try to move on in life without that person , rather than focusing on what happens to the murderer.


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