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YouTube : Online Video and Participatory Culture Blog December 9, 2011

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According to Burgess and Green , YouTube is different from more traditional forms of broadcasting because it has some of the aspects of traditional media but it has changed the way mainstream media is broadcasted. Unlike traditional forms of broadcasting , YouTube allows  its users to make amateur videos that show their talents in order to be able to achieve success and fame.  Burgess and Green stated in the reading  that , “YouTube has been mythologized as literally a way to “broadcast yourself into fame and fortune.”(22) This means that YouTube was made  in order to allow people to gain success by doing things that they are good at.

Burgess and Green said that , ” In press coverage,  YouTube is often used to express familiar anxieties about young people and digital media , especially in relation to risks , uses and misuses of Internet and mobile phone technologies.” (17) The youth are assumed to be the default users of YouTube which means that many of them  are new and undisciplined. They explain how young people are agents and victims  because they are responsible for majority of  YouTube’s content that is teen-age shenanigans but are also at risk of being exposed to footage of  some very offensive and appalling footage like autopsies and racist propaganda. Another way that YouTube makes the youth victims is cyber-bullying by people posting videos that insult or humiliate them or by uploading videos that contain footage of acts of violence. But the people posting these videos are the ones who are causing these people to be victims. Burgess and Green than say that , “The new category of  cyberbullying , which academia has been complicit in creating , is a good illustration of how moral panics around youth , violence, and the risk are linked to existing media effects discourses, producing a media panic.”(19)

The distinction between YouTube and traditional forms of broadcasting  matters because of copyright infringement of YouTube users. Companies have accused YouTube for illegally distributing their content and making profit off of it. . Burgess and Green state that , ” … – copyright infringement sets up a discourse about the threat to the entertainment industries posed by empowered but unchecked consumers.”(30) This means that YouTube can not be blamed for this because they actual company is not doing this , YouTube’s users are. Burgess and Green believe that when talking about copyright infringement , YouTube  needs to be seen as a business and a cultural resource that was co-created by its users.


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