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Is Google Making Us Stupid ? Blog Response October 26, 2011

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In ” Is Google Making Us Stupid? ” , Nicholas Carr’s claim is  ” They supply the stuff of thought , but they also shape the process of thought . And what the Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation”. This means that the internet shapes the way we think and decreases our ability to focus and examine things . He then starts to talk about how the internet does not allow us to read deeply.  He explains how using the computer makes it harder to focus on long readings. Carr says that some people do a form of skimming in which they “hop from one source to another and rarely returning to any  source they’d already visited. They typically read no more than one or two pages of an article or book before they would bounce out to another site “. After this he then talks about how Google is trying to make the “perfect search engine “, that knows what you mean and gives you back the information  that you want. At the end of this reading , Carr says “As we rely on computers to mediate our understanding of the world, it is our own intelligence that flattens into artificial intelligence”. I think by this he means that by using the internet to search for answers to our questions  , the things we learn won’t be the same and we won’t fully understand what they mean compared to the things that we learn from a book .

I share Carr’s worry because I know when I read something that I’m interested in , I take the time to actually read it so that I understand what is going on . But when I have to do a reading that is super long and boring , I just skim through it so that I can get the  information and answers that I need. I also believe that our own intelligence turns into artificial intelligence because we have the capability to get the answers on our own but we are so lazy that we just use the internet because it is easier to do . People are becoming so dependent on the internet that they forget how to find information without it.


Creative Stills October 13, 2011

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Photo One :

For the first photo , I used Montage Pro. The first thing I did was change the shape of my picture to an octagon . Next , I added a thin black frame around the photo and a blue shadow . The last thing that I did but you most likely can’t see is that I changed the background color to Alice Blue.

Photo Two :

I used Photoviva to edit the second photo . The first thing I did was sharpen the picture and  then I increased the midtones . The last thing that I did was use filled frame and adjusted the settings to make it halfway in between in and out and made it smooth. I changed the color of the filling to blue and then added light blue noise to it .

Photo Three :

For this third photo , I used Photoviva to edit it. The first thing I did was crop the photo a little bit . Then , I decreased the ghost edges and decreased the shadows in the photo. The last thing I did was change the color to white and used autopaint to make it look like it was snowing.

Photo Four :

I used Montage Pro to edit the fourth photo. First , I added a thin white frame and a bright green shadow around the photo. Then I turned the photo around to make it straight up and down . The very last thing that I did was change the background color to arsenic , so that you would be able to see the white frame and green shadow.


The two apps that I selected were Photoviva and Montage Pro. The best feature in Photoviva , I think is the autopaint . There are so many different colors and brushes that you can choose from to use and autopaint sometimes makes the pictures look really cool. The best feature in Montage Pro , I think is the ability to change the shape of the picture. You can choose any shape you want to , any number , any letter and you can even make your own shape by using free hand . In both of these apps , I like that there are so many different options to choose from to change the color of your picture. I personally would choose Photoviva over Montage Pro because Photoviva had more features and it was a lot simpler to use than Montage Pro was. When I first used Montage Pro , I couldn’t find where you go to in order to edit the pictures and with Photoviva , I had no trouble finding where to go in order to edit the photo.


Lab 5 : Ordinary Language : Enthymemes & Analogies

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Article :

This article was talking about why the military should abolish the death penalty but they only made one argument and that was racism. The author did not make any implied arguments at all . Arguments that could be used in this article are the cost of capital punishment . The article does use an example , however , the author says that the number of military death penalty cases is to small of a number , so the argument doesn’t really make sense.


Article :

This article was talking about the reasons why the united states should abolish the death penalty. The author gave a lot of reasons and supported his reasons. The implied  premise was that capital punishment fails to deter crime. The author states this a little but fails to give support as to why capital punishment fails to deter crime. Overall , this was a good article that could possibly change a person’s opinion on the death penalty.



Enthyemes October 6, 2011

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Article :

The author concludes that capital punishment should be outlawed in all states. I thought that it was good comparing the execution of Troy Davis to a public hanging in Illinois a few years ago. I think that to make his argument better he should have given more reasons as to why capital punishment should be outlawed in all states. Also , he makes the statement that all people can be redeemed but  how can you tell and know if all people are actually redeemed .The only people mentioned in this article about making the choice of life or death for someone is the supreme court and governor’s , but what about jurors and what about the victims of murderers , they didn’t have the choice to decide between living and dying .  This article barley gives any reasons as to why the death penalty should be outlawed in all states and the reasons that are there don’t provide enough support.


Chapter Six: Blogs ; Blog Response October 5, 2011

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In this chapter Sunstein talks about how blogs enhance democracy . On page 139 , Sunstein talks about how blogs are starting to work well. The first way he says blogs are working well is that blogs are becoming like huge markets , this means that blogs are allowing people to get information from all different types of sources and in all different types of ways. The second way he says that blogs are working well is when he says that blogs are operating like a gigantic town meeting , which means that claims made by the people who are speaking on the operation of the public sphere that is working well. He then says , “On this second view , the world of blogs is helping to improve the operation of deliberative democracy , because it involves a great deal of citizen involvement and because arguments are often supported by facts and reasons.”

To support the first way in which blogs are starting to work well , he says that blogs are have a wide range of opinions and tastes. Sunstein says that blogosphere faces a big problem when it comes to group polarization. A serious question that Sunstein brings up is “whether people are mostly reading blogs that conform to their own preexisting beliefs”. If they are , he says that the truth is not going to be able to emerge and that group polarization is not possible. An example Sunstein uses is  “Liberals , reading liberal blogs , will end up being more liberal ; conservatives will become more conservative if they restrict themselves to conservative blogs”. This means that if people keep reading and talking about what they already believe they are going to become more informed about it and have more reasons to support why they believe in whatever they are talking or writing about. Another thing he says is that “it is also important that reasons and information are being exchanged in a way that can lead to corrections and real creativity”. This means that if something isn’t right then it is easily fixable and that sometimes people just put absurd things to draw the attention of others.

Sunstein supports the second way in which blogs are starting to work well when he talks about how discussing things allows room for growth in many different types of ways .With a deliberative democracy , discussion is always happening . When discussing things , if something is false then you are able to change it . Discussion also allows the combination of information and the range of arguments increases.


Lab 4 : Argument Diagramming Part 2 October 4, 2011

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Article One :

Diagram One:




Article Two :

Diagram Two :





Lab 4 : Argument Diagramming September 29, 2011

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Article source :